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Welcome to Yoobuy, Discover the pinnacle of craftsmanship with Italica in Jaipur, available at Yoobuy at unbeatable prices. Elevate your spaces with the exquisite range of Italica Hardware, meticulously designed to blend functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. From door handles to hinges, each piece exudes quality and durability, ensuring lasting satisfaction for your home or office.


Italica furniture is a renowned brand that specializes in offering premium-quality home and garden furniture. Known for its stylish designs and durability, Italica combines elegance with functionality to enhance your living spaces. Yoobuy offers competitive prices, making premium furniture accessible.

Glass Support

Glass Support

Glass Support provides premium glass solutions for homes and businesses. Italica furniture from Yoobuy features top-tier materials, ensuring longevity and sturdiness.
Mortise Handle

Mortise Handle

A mortise handle is a premium door handle set that includes a lock mechanism integrated within the door. Italica furniture from Yoobuy is crafted with durable materials that ensure longevity and resilience.
Cloth Hook

Cloth Hook

The cloth hooks come in various styles and materials, enhancing both functionality and decor in homes, offices. Italica furniture from Yoobuy is made with high-grade materials that ensure durability and strength.

Frequently Ask Question

Are Italica Hardware products environmentally friendly?

Yes, Italica Hardware products are environmentally friendly.

What types of products does Italica Hardware offer?

Italica Hardware provides a wide range of products like Door handles, locks, hinges, bathroom accessories, cabinet hardware, and many more.

Where can I purchase Italica Hardware products?

Italica Hardware products can be purchased through their official website and authorized dealers. Also, You can purchase on Yoobuy.

Does Italica offer delivery services & Timing in Jaipur?

Yes, Yoobuy offers delivery services for their products in Jaipur. The timing for delivery within Gujarat is 2/3 days, outside Gujarat (Gujarat touch) is 4/5 days, and the others are 7/8 days.

What is the delivery area covered by Italica in Jaipur?

Italica delivers products across Jaipur city and its surrounding areas. Specific delivery zones and areas can be confirmed at the time of purchase or by contacting customer service.


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