Push Tap

About Push Tap :

This tap for water usage offers convenience and efficiency in both public and private settings. The urinal push cock operates with a simple push mechanism, minimizing water wastage and promoting hygiene. Crafted for durability and functionality, this cocks boast sleek designs that complement any restroom decor. By integrating cutting-edge technology, manufacturers ensure reliability and longevity, making push cocks a sustainable choice for water conservation efforts. Installing these taps is a hassle-free process, requiring minimal tools and expertise. Embrace the future of water conservation with push cock for washbasin, where simplicity meets sustainability. Shop a wide range of push cocks and prismatic taps for washbasins on Yoobuy. Best prices for push-type water taps online on Yobouy.

How to Adjust Push Tap :

  • Locate Adjustment Screw : Identify the small screw on the side or underneath the tap handle.
  • Use Screwdriver : With a screwdriver, gently turn the screw clockwise to decrease water flow or counter clockwise to increase flow.
  • Test Water Flow : After each adjustment, test the water flow by pushing the tap button.
  • Fine-tune as Needed : Continue adjusting until you achieve the desired water flow rate.
  • Secure Screw : Once satisfied, tighten the adjustment screw to secure the settings.